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Cyber Heroes will empower your people to defend your entire IT eco system against cyber crime

De-risk your digital universe and build a culture of cyber savviness

We all share the dream of eliminating the risk of becoming a cybercrime casualty

  • No legal liability resulting from data breaches
  • No loss of income through malicious digital attacks
  • No interruption to business continuity by becoming a victim of ransomware
  • No reputational damage as a result of compromised customer or company data

Who wouldn’t want that?

Whilst that’s a pipe dream in today's world, being part of the Cyber Heroes Community get's you closer to that vision, faster and with less fuss so you can focus on running your business

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Cyber Heroes Will Teach You How To Avoid Hackers



in cyber attacks in 2022

43% of cyber attacks  target small to medium businesses.  Icon1


of cyber attacks

target small to medium businesses

Cyber Heroes will show you how to avoid a ransomware attack.


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Cyber Heroes is a rolling ‘Done-With-You’ Cyber Security Concierge Service

How Will Cyber Heroes Help You?

It’s a rolling ‘Done-With-You’ Cyber Security Concierge Service.

Through a program of engaging education, continuous process improvement and regulatory compliance, together with the team at Cyber Heroes, you'll be protecting your business, customers, staff and suppliers against the world's cybercriminals.

But it takes more than just watching a few training videos. A lot more…

That's where Cyber Heroes come in. We’ll be doing the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on growing your business and sleeping better at night.

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The 4 Cornerstones of Cyber Security

The Cyber Security Education journey for your business starts with cyber heroes.

Education & Empowerment

Turn your team into an army of savvy Cyber Heroes, defending the front line of your business on a daily basis. Engage and educate your employees to help them safeguard against account compromises and identify theft

Cyber Heroes has your cyber security in our sights

Tireless Stress-Testing

Cybercriminals never sleep, but you can. Imagine a universe where your digital eco-system is constantly subjected to simulated cyber attacks, proactive penetration testing and deep dark web nerdy stuff. That’s the world Cyber Heroes live in…

As a member of the Cyber Heroes community, you can then call the 24/7 Hotline for further support if you think you've been a victim of cybercrime.

Rapid Response & Recovery

If you are the subject of a cyber attack, the Cyber Heroes Hotline is available to members 24/7. The incident response team will remotely isolate your attack area and walk with you step-by-step to deploy the emergency incident plan so you can get back to business quickly

Cyber Heroes will assist you in complying with enforceable data protection laws

Compliance Without Compromise

Cyber Heroes are not ‘box tickers’. They are an army of defenders against online crime and agents of continuous cyber security improvement. We get it, understanding and being compliant with enforceable data protection laws, ISO27001/2 and GDPR is not your core business. But it is ours

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