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How ChatGPT Can Be Used For Good & Evil [news]

This episode covers a recent evolution in technology that has the potential to help your business hugely, but, on the flip side, it represents a significant threat when used by cybercriminals.

What is this technological advancement?

Artificial Intelligence (AI). And more specifically, ChatGPT.

Mat and Brad talk about how ChatGPT, and other such AI platforms can be used for good by you and how bad actors around the world can leverage this technology to harm your people, profits and reputation.

And that's the point... Whilst these emerging AI platforms are not inherently malicious, their use depends on the user's intentions.

Importantly, they then discussed the implications for business owners and managers, what it means for the future of cybercrime attacks and what you can do right now to decrease the risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime.

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