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Phishing for a Plumbers Password [podcast]

When Dave (a plumber) emailed his client to advise that he had a new bank account, all appeared normal and they paid the $5,000 into his new account.

The problem was, Dave didn't send the email and didn't have a new bank account.

Dave's email account and passwords had been compromised and all inbound emails were being duplicated and forwarded to a cyber criminal without his knowledge, obviously.

In this episode of the Cyber Heroes Podcast, you'll hear how this cybercrime played out and how you can ensure you never become a victim of a crime like this. Phishing is the most prominent and successful attack method used by cybercriminals today.

On The Cyber Heroes Podcast, we talk about how to protect your people and reputation, strengthen your cyber posture, create a culture of cyber savviness, and the many cybercrime lessons being learned around the world every day.

We tell these stories because statistics show that most people on the planet will, at some stage, become a victim of cybercrime and we don’t want you to one one of them.

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