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What Is Information Security (and why does it matter)?

Information security, or "infosec," is the activity of guarding against unauthorised access to, use of, disclosure of, interruption of, alteration of, or destruction of information and information systems.

It is an essential component of contemporary business since it contributes to the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of sensitive data and systems.

So why does infosec matter to businesses in Australia?

Businesses of all sizes in Australia rely on information technology to support their operations and keep in touch with clients, partners, and suppliers. As a result, these companies must put robust infosec procedures in place to safeguard their systems and sensitive data against online threats.

There are many potential consequences of a security breach for a business in Australia. These can include:

  • Financial losses due to the theft of sensitive data or damage to systems
  • Business disruption (lost productivity and revenue)
  • Reputational damage
  • Legal liabilities

These are the key reasons that CyberHeroes help you to protect your people, profits and reputation. Helping business owners and managers implement and maintain a culture of Infosec is a key way to achieve this.

How do Infosec breaches occur?

Infosec breaches can be caused by a variety of sources and typical causes include:

  1. Passwords that are either weak or stolen can make it easier for attackers to obtain unauthorised access to your accounts
  2. Unpatched vulnerabilities: Operating systems, software, and other systems can be exploited if updates and patches are not installed
  3. Social engineering: Phishing attacks and other forms of social engineering may be used by attackers to try to convince victims to reveal private information or grant them access to systems
  4. Lack of firewalls and intrusion detection systems, for example, can make it simpler for attackers to enter a network
  5. Malware: Negative software can be utilised, such as viruses and ransomware

So now it is clear that business owners and managers in Australia should implement a thorough infosec strategy that includes precautions like using strong passwords, keeping software and firmware updated, using anti-malware software, implementing proactive system stress testing, and providing ongoing employee training to reduce these risks.

To help ensure that their systems are properly secured, organisations should also collaborate with a reputable infosec partner like CyberHeroes and have plans in place for how they will respond to security issues.

For more cybersecurity tips and techniques for small to medium businesses, why not tune into the Cyber Heroes Podcast where we talk about how to protect your people and reputation, strengthen your cyber posture, create a culture of cyber savviness, and the many cybercrime lessons being learned around the world every day?